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Thailand Fishing & Catch Report
Mekong Catfish & Predator Fishing Safari


7 Days Throughout October 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Kaare & Nils
Guides Names:
arapaima fishing Cha Am Thailand
Kaare at Cha Am Fishing Park with a BIG arapaima 2.4 meters long
arapaima tail-walk fishing in thailand
Nils with an athletic tail-walking arapaima
Bungsamran fishing Bangkok
Striped catfish
Kaare at Bungsamran with an 88lb (40kg) Mekong catfish & big striped catfish
barramundi fishing IT Lake MonstersGiant snakehead fishing IT Lake MonstersFishing for Barramundi in Thailand
Kaare (left) with a big IT Lake barramundi - also Nils with a snakehead & barramundi
Amazon Fishing Thailand
Fishing in Thailand at IT Lake
It Lake produced plentiful redtail catfish action throughout the day
Biggest Redtail Catfish:
66lb - IT Lake Monsters
Biggest Mekong:
88lb - Bungsamran Lake
Biggest Arapaima:
260lb - Cha Am Fishing Park

Catfish & Predator Fishing Safari

Regular anglers to fishing in Thailand - Kaare & Nils enjoyed 7 days fishing spread throughout this month. Here is the report as written by them:

2 days at Bungsamran
2 days at IT lake monsters
2 days at Greenfield Valley
1 day at Cha Am Fishing park

Bungsamran: Mekong to about 40 kg and a big Striped Catfish.

IT Lake Monsters: Amazon redtails up to 30kg, Arapaima, Barramundi, alligator gar, snakehead, shovelhead catfish, asian redtails, tiger catfish

Hua Hin Greenfield: Pacu, Redtails (amazon and asian), Tiger catfish, Rohu, arapaima, clown knifefish, alligator gar

Cha Am fishing park: 2 small arapaima, alligator gar, tiger catfish - and the ~120kg arapaima (about 2,4 meters - the cage was 2.3m and it was a tad longer than it).

All in all - 7 days of top notch fishing for both of us. It will certainly NOT be the last time we'll be making hooks wet in Thailand on fishing trips you set up for us.

Thank you once again for your outstanding service and also a big thanks to Golf, Alley and Wee for outstanding service - 3 guys we also look forward to seeing again :-)

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